Wellness Works!

January 2014

Resolutions for 2014-Achievable Goals

As we begin the New Year, feeling sluggish and guilty from the holidays, the tendency is to make resolutions for losing weight and getting into shape. Poor weather conditions throughout the country has made it even more challenging, as the inclination is to stay inside, cuddle up on the couch and just watch movies and snack. Now these best intentions are once again sabotaged.

The secret for success is to make resolutions (set goals) that are achievable. In our practice, our wellness coaches have a mantra, and that is “baby steps”. Sometimes it is one small goal at a time, and then when achieved, set another goal. Goals for change have to be realistic and attainable. People have to feel their successes. They need to feel good about themselves.

Possible achievable goals can be:

Lose weight-Lose 5% of current body fat instead of shooting for 15 or 20 pounds. Sometimes this can be accomplished by merely cutting out sugary sodas or energy drinks.

Why is the Wellness Program the First to Go?

In this age of cost cutting and Employers looking to save money, it seems that they look to the Corporate Wellness Program as the first benefit to cut. Is it because they don’t understand what they purchased? Is it because they are looking for a quick return on investment? Or is it because they don’t see immediate changes in their employee population?


I have seen a number of “Wellness Programs” that are merely “cookie cutter”. They are automated and there is very little, if no, personalization. I don’t see where Wellness Coaches are actively working with participant to set goals and facilitate lifestyle changes.