Wellness Works!

April 2014

Employer Sponsored Biometric Screenings Aren’t Just for Incentives

As part of a Corporate Wellness Program, one of our clients recently sponsored a biometric screening at no cost to their employees. Not only did the employer pay for the cost of the screening, but they were also offering their employees an incentive for participation in the screening. As an additional feature of the program, the employees were to have a session with one of our Certified Registered Nurse Wellness Coaches to review the results of the screening and hopefully engage those “at risk” in ongoing wellness coaching.

One of my Wellness Coaches reported back that she spoke with an employee that expressed dissatisfaction with the “process”. She was actually “put out” that she was inconvenienced to have to fast the night before and then make time early in the morning for the blood draw. In essence, she was turning a company benefit into a chore.