Wellness Works!

The Impact of Wellness Coaching on the Bottom Line

WellChoice, Inc. has been working with a 1000 employee life government account for the past five years. We assigned an experienced Registered Nurse Certified Wellness Coach to be the exclusive Wellness Coach for this account. Over the past five years, the Wellness Coach has worked very hard to establish rapport, gain trust and of course, continually educate the employees and dependents on how to maintain a healthy life style.


This account has gotten no renewal rate increase for the past five years. In fact, the stop loss premium has gone down from $1,000,000.00annually to $600,000.00 annually. This is a group that most carriers wouldn’t even quote on in the past.


Wellness Coaching is a process. Trust is earned. Relationships take time to develop. Results such as this happen over time. The goal is to create a corporate culture of wellness. When this happens, the net result will impact claims costs for the Employer.