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Medication Adherence Doesn’t have to be a Challenge

Have you been prescribed medications? Are you taking these medications as prescribed?

What is your understanding of their purpose, the best way to take them, and how to manage their impact on your daily routine?

Some of these answers are easy, such as how to keep medications where you will see them. Some of the answers are more difficult, such as how to stay on a regular routine when you have overtime on the job, are traveling, or what to do when you cannot afford the prescription. Lack of this information can make it challenging to stay on the best medication schedule, which can result in an unnecessary decrease in your level of wellness.

Be proactive and take charge of this aspect of your health by seeking answers. Ask your medical provider and pharmacist about the medication when it is prescribed. Read the medication inserts. 

Notify your provider when you experience problems in taking your medication. Any barrier can be minimized with proper strategies. For example, if the cost is too high, a generic may be available or a drug assistance program may be an option. Side effects can often be managed by changes in the dosing, switching to another drug within the class, or adjustments in your daily routine.

As a participant in a Corporate Wellness Program, you may have the availability to work with Registered Nurse Wellness Coach to help you navigate through these issues. The Wellness Coach is a valuable resource to help you learn about how to optimally benefit from your medications. The added benefit of the proper medications can be overall improvement to your health.