Wellness Works!

Take Your Medications!

Wish I had penny for each time I heard a client say, “I don’t take my medication because it costs too much or it’s too inconvenient or I don’t like the side effects or I just simply forgot to take it”. I’d have enough money to pay for all of their medications!

These are just a few reasons why people do not follow their prescription regimes. Failure to adhere to medication instructions, either willful or inadvertent, has been termed “noncompliance” with medication regimens. According to the National Institute of Health, 55 percent of the elderly do not follow the medication regimens prescribed by their physicians.

The results of medication noncompliance are serious and costly. Noncompliance can result in the increased use of medical resources such as nursing homes, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, physician visits, and unnecessary treatments. Noncompliance with medication regimens can cause serious medical events and conditions such as stroke and cardiac arrest when related to cardiac medications.


Many reasons for noncompliance have been identified, but whatever the reason; EDUCATION is the key to improving compliance. Effective counseling by a health educator may be the single best intervention for patients with compliance problems. Attempts to improve compliance through educational and other behavioral strategies do work when matched to the individual patient's needs.

Education of medication compliance is an essential role of Case Management, Disease Management and Wellness Coaching programs performed by registered nurses. The results are significant in reducing medical costs and can very well save a patient’s life!


Mary Shenoo, RN, BSN, CCM,CWC

Ms. Shenoo joined Managed Care Concepts in 1993 as a Case Manager and Utilization Review Nurse Supervisor. In 1996, she was promoted to Executive Director. Her responsibilities now include: Oversight and Program Development for all departments. She serves as the liaison to the Medical Director, is the Organ Transplant Coordinator, and is a participating member of the MCC, Inc. Quality Management Committee.