Wellness Works!

Why is the Wellness Program the First to Go?

In this age of cost cutting and Employers looking to save money, it seems that they look to the Corporate Wellness Program as the first benefit to cut. Is it because they don’t understand what they purchased? Is it because they are looking for a quick return on investment? Or is it because they don’t see immediate changes in their employee population?


I have seen a number of “Wellness Programs” that are merely “cookie cutter”. They are automated and there is very little, if no, personalization. I don’t see where Wellness Coaches are actively working with participant to set goals and facilitate lifestyle changes.


Does the current program come from a risk management philosophy? Can changes be measured over time? I think if Employers can see measureable changes over time, they may be inclined to keep their programs in place. Unfortunately, all too often today, a vendor is throwing in wellness as part of the package, so the Employer thinks he has a program in place. In reality, there is a program in name only. There is no real intrinsic value to the Employer or the Employees.


As Wellness Consultants, we are faced with the challenge of educating our clients as to the value of wellness programs. We have to teach them patience. We have to sell them quality programs that show measureable changes. With these factors in place, they should be hard pressed to let go of their Wellness Program.