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You Don’t Want to Let Your Wellness Coach Down!

In a recent conversation with a Client, he expressed an interesting thought, which shows the impact of Wellness Coaching and the Coach/Participant relationship. He had his regularly scheduled monthly coaching session in several days and he was about to reschedule the appointment. Apparently, he had several assignments to complete prior to the Coaching session. He had not completed one of his assignments and he didn’t want to let his Coach down.


Keep in mind; this is a very motivated individual that is very “invested” in his Corporate Wellness Program. He has a very strong relationship with his Wellness Coach. They are constantly evaluating his goals and looking for new and innovative changes to his current nutrition and exercise regimes.


What he was really saying was that by letting his Coach down, he was letting himself down. The role of the Wellness Coach is to address barriers and to develop strategies with the Client to overcome these barriers and to motivate change. Programs frequently have to be evaluated. Corporate Wellness Coaches need to be creative, motivational, and inspirational.


The Coach/Client relationship is very special. Corporate Wellness Programs without the Wellness Coaching component fall short. Left to their own devices, people tend not to use Biometric Screening and Health Risk Assessment data to make significant lifestyle changes. Accountability to another person is a very powerful tool on the road to wellness.