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Case Studies

A 65 year old female had a stroke, kidney failure and heart irregularities. She was taking multiple medications and had experienced a weight gain of 25 lbs. In conversation with the patient, the case manager realized the patient was randomly starting and stopping her medications in an attempt to identify which medication was causing the weight gain. Her blood pressure was out of control. The patient was also not keeping her follow-up physician appointments. The case manager explained to the patient, in detail, the ramifications of adjusting her own medications and not seeing her physician for follow-up. Medication compliance was obtained, weight decreased due to decrease in fluid volume once medications were working, blood pressure stabilized. Patient was also compliant with her physician appointments.

  • Complicated acute inpatient hospital stay avoided through case management intervention.
  • Potential for stroke and heart attack avoided.


59 year old female undergoing treatment for breast cancer. In conversation with the case manager, the patient stated that she had been experiencing severe back pain, unrelieved with her pain medications. The case manager questioned whether the patient had notified her physician of these new symptoms. The patient stated she had not contacted her physician about any of these symptoms, as she did not want to deal with any further health problems. She had a physician appointment in several weeks and would address the issue then. Through persistence, the case manager encouraged the patient to contact her physician as soon as possible. After immediate physician contact, the pain was determined to be cardiac in nature. The patient underwent an outpatient cardiac catheterization and stent placement.

  • Complicated acute inpatient hospital stay for heart attack avoided through case management intervention.
  • Permanent cardiac damage averted.