Wellness Works!

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help employers save money by creating a healthier employee population using aggressive claims management strategies in the areas of case management, utilization review, disease management, and corporate wellness programs. On the average, for every dollar spent for medical case management, we will save an employer eight dollars. Our custom designed programs focus on a fully integrated approach, incorporating patient-focused support and education. The result is improved quality of patient care and lower claim costs for the employer.


Our Clients
Third Party Administrators Wellness Software Vendors
Privately Held Corporations Work-site Clinics
Municipalities Employee Benefit Consultants
School Districts Insurance Brokers
Hospital Systems Human Resource Professionals


WellChoice, Inc. also has strategic partnerships with Wellness, Disease Management and Case Management Companies to provide telephonic and onsite nursing services.


Our Services for our Clients and their Employees:

  • Implement corporate wellness initiatives that address issues such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, excess stress, as well as other lifestyle behaviors, which reduce the number and size of medical claims.

  • Empower employees to self-manage chronic diseases

  • Create strategies to control costs for catastrophic claims Investigate questionable and complex claims involving reasonable and customary fees, overutilization, and medical necessity.

  • Review for medical necessity for surgical procedures and hospital admissions

  • Insuring that high risk, high cost employees are receiving the necessary education, support, and medical supplies needed to adhere to their individual treatment plans based on best practices.

  • Create a seamless continuum of services through communication and coordination between our programs, ensuring appropriate continuity of care.