Wellness Works!


A 23 year old male asthmatic factory worker was in consultation with a Wellness Coach. The young man works making concrete forms for bridges and overpasses in an environment where he is constantly exposed to particles of concrete dust. In conversation with the Coach, it was discovered that he wasn’t taking any medication nor carrying an inhaler, due to the fact that he had no health insurance with his previous employer. Through proactive intervention by the Coach, the man was instructed to always wear a mask on the job (which are provided at no charge by the employer), and to immediately make an appointment with a physician to get a prescription for the necessary asthmas medications and inhaler-which should be mandatory for him to carry in his pocket in case of an asthma attack.
In this situation, coaching has prevented a minimum of an emergency room visit for exacerbation of asthma and a possible in patient admission due to concrete dust particles in the lungs which could lead to pneumonia or severe bronchitis.

Following my blood test I received a call from my Wellness Coach to review the results. She did a great job with practical, specific suggestions for improvement. She was clearly very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I ended up putting her on speaker phone and she spoke with both me and my wife, responding to some dietary questions we had. It was a very good experience.

I spoke with and thanked my Wellness Coach for thoroughly reviewing the HRA in a manner that had me take action!!  Following the HRA review, I made an appointment and went to see my physician, and was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. I adjusted my diet and my HgB AIC is now 5.9. (had been > 9) Fasting blood sugar averages at 90. I attended diabetic teaching class and lost 15 lbs. My blood pressure has been running 120/80, as I am now on medication for hypertension. My total Cholesterol decreased to 156. (had been > 230). I do a cardio work-out 4hours per week. Awesome job by my Wellness Coach!!

Thanks for sending the information on getting started on the walking program. I was wondering if you could help me find some ‘water exercises’ to work on as well. I am hoping to find a pool to use a couple of times a week while the weather is nice, as an alternative to biking. By the way-at my doctor’s visit yesterday I was able to put him off for another 4 weeks on going on the insulin. He was encouraged by my change in attitude toward being more aggressive in doing my part with getting more ‘active’. I contribute that to your phone call. Thanks for giving me that gentle nudge I needed as a wake-up call. I have a LONG road ahead of me with this weight loss program, since I am well over the 300 mark on the scale…..but hopefully, with your encouragement I can actually make some positive changes in my diet and health.